"Yo." Adrian said laughing a little. "She knows whats up. She’s just my little friend with benefits.. thats ALL." She corrected Malik. "Yeah okay. but you do know she has some feelings for you… right?." He said raising his eyebrow and taking a sip of his drink. "Just deal out the damn cards." She hissed while blowing the smoke out of her mouth from the blunt she was smoking. "You know. you gon’ get caught up with all this shit and drugs you do." Malik said dealing out the cards. "I guess you havent noticed. I dont give a fuck." She said rolling her eyes. "I mean I smoke. but you do the whole nine. Cocaine, Popping pills, Weed… Your gonna die soon man." Malik said trying to convience her to stop. "I still dont give a fuck." Adrian said.

 Adrian and Malik where like siliblings. They didnt argue as much but they did. Adrian.. didnt really give a fuck about anything, she had so much pain that came in her life.. that she became numb to anything and everything.. Malik came from a disfunctional family with killers and druggies.. as a child He learned how to keep his mouth shut and other things.. Malik was more quiet unless he was around Gwen or Adrian.

 Gwen’s Maliks bestfriend. Gwen was the master mind and Smart one of the group .. so they kept her around.. Janessa was the person Malik and Adrian where talking about.. Janessa was the sweet person of the crew. Loving, Kind, Puts up with most, But not too much, she’ll kick your ass in a heart beat.. She’s the most GORGEOUS female you’ll ever lay eyes on, Nice body, nice smile… And Adrian just doesn’t wanna commit to her. Janessa doesn’t ask for much .. Just for Adrian love. But anyways. Cassandra is Janessa’s only true friend. Cassandra also the leader of the crews girlfriend. Cassandra was the most nicest person you’ll ever meet, BUT.. she also twisted.. never knew such a pretty girl can be such a badass & nut case, Thats the thing that Her boyfriend Chris loved and hated about her. Chris was Tall, lean, handsome, nice body, a tough guy too, He recently was release from jail for numerous things..

 Now Jhene is Adrian’s rude bipolar sister.. half sister, they look NOTHING alike. Jhene was a major pretty girl.. Adrian was a rough girl.. she looked like a boy, strong jawline, broad shoulders, everything.  Adrian and Jhene just alike though. Jhene is a very secretive person too. She doesn’t tell no-one SHIT. Her biggest secret she will never tell nobody is the one that makes her bitter towards everyone. She can be fun, Bubbly, And funny.. but then a moment later it all goes south and she’s back to mean ol’ jhene again.. Jhene’s good side is so sweet and giving, She always babysits Malik daughter Jaylen. Jaylen was the product of a one night stand unfortunately.. but Malik loves her with all his heart and soul.

They all lived foul.. everyone of them have done something in the past.. that adventually will catch up with them.. They lived by one rule.. “Dont get caught slipping or fucking up.. There’s no time for fuck ups here. You’ll regret it if you do..”

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